Semi-finished products

A large selection of metal plates, wires, bars, tubes and hinge-tubes offer everything needed for a creative working process in the jewellery industry.

Bauer-Walser AG develops a high quantity of precious metal alloys. Due to a very special process of casting, drawing and glowing the delivery of precious metals in every measurement and hardness is possible. 

All products undergo heavy testing by our specialists in our own laboratories.

Bauer-Walser AG, today more than ever, remains committed to improving the environment, as it continues improving its melting process to the latest standards.

Sheet metals

Sheet metal is always manufactured to the latest production processes and can be supplied in gold, silver, platinum and palladium alloys.

Metal sheets in polished or brushed execution can be manufactured into high-end quality products with ease.


Due to sophisticated technical equipment wires are available in all sizes and shapes. E.g. round, half-round, triangular, quadrangular and in various different profiles, soft, hard or glowed executions.

Wires can also be supplied in most alloys of gold, silver, platinum and palladium base. Tombac wires can be supplied upon request.

Our special machinery produces wires up to 0,05 mm on gold basis.

Tubes and hinge-tubes

Bauer-Walser AG has long experience in manufacturing high quality tubes and hinge-tubes with optimal precision.

Tubes and hinge-tubes are available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Hinge-tubes can be manufactured in various forms: round, half-round, oval, quadrangular, etc. with or without a core.

Unfinished ring forms and CNC-treated parts

Due to the special machinery and equipment, CNC-turning machines and hand-turning lathes ring forms, plates and sheets can be produced in many different shapes.

Our clients save time in the pursuit of their further working process due to the quality of the raw material.

Semi-finished ring tubes can be manufactured in short lead times from stock in every white and yellow gold alloy.

Semi-finished products for jewellers and goldsmiths

Offering the best support for jewellers and goldsmiths Bauer-Walser AG has a wide selection of semi-finished products and is pleased to deliver these products for the jewellery production in all gold, silver, platinum and palladium alloys.


Casting from wax models is an age old tradition. The process was continuously perfected and today individual and casting in series is possible.

Bauer-Walser AG offers casting in yellow, white gold, silver and platinum alloys.