An experienced partner in the recycling of precious metal waste is extremely important not only for the goldsmiths but also for the dental and electric industry.

The efficient processing of precious metal waste requires experience and technical know-how which can only be guaranteed by a refinery with a solid reputation.

Since 1925 Bauer-Walser AG is in the precious metal business and opened in 1974 an independent refinery offering impeccable service to its clients.

After precise analysis all metal waste, sweeping or electroplating bathes will be credited to the client's metal account. The account is at the individual disposal of the client.

Every request from the client will be handled. Transfers to accounts of other companies or bank accounts, purchase of precious metal by its metal trading department is possible also exchange into products.

Pick-up of refining materials is offered inside Germany and is well appreciated by all clients. Empty containers for exchange of waste are available without charges.