H.F.Bauer at the „Pforzheim-Day“ on the Island of Mainau

On July 25th, 2010 the Golden City Pforzheim presented itself on the Lake Constance Island Mainau. More then 50 groups, associations and companies presented their hometown.

Our company had the privilege to represent the traditional watchmaking industry of Pforzheim, the city on the gateway to the Black Forest. The visitors of Mainau had the opportunity to check if their mechanical watches run too fast or too slow.
At the same time they could have a look at the quality of the H.F.Bauer gold watches.

Also Countess Bettina Bernadotte visited the booth of H.F.Bauer together with Pforzheims Mayor Gert Hager and his wife. They were very impressed about the information, given by the two H.F.Bauer sales managers Rainer-Udo Astrath and Bernd Elfner, that even the alloy for the watches is melted in our own factory. The result is a fine gold watch which is completely "Made in Germany". Even the accessories are produced in Germany. The conclusion of the day was that the presentation of the Golden City Pforzheim was very successful and the visitors of the Island of Mainau were impressed by the H.F.Bauer gold watches.

           left to right: Countess Bernadotte, Mayor Gert Hager, 
                                Wolfgang Trautz, Bernd Elfner